Construction  Company

Conceptual Design & Estimate Phase

The building process produces a different experience for each of our customers. There may be many similarities from one job to another, but the actual plans, land, and specifications are uniquely yours. Our customers come to us at varying stages in the beginning phases of the construction process. While we prefer to be involved from the start, we are pleased to bring our services to the table at any point prior to the actual commencement of construction.

We believe the building process involves teamwork between the customer, the builder, and the architect. When selecting a builder, you must understand that it is difficult to shop a builder for the best price. It is a tremendous effort to compare apples to apples unless you have a very complete set of working plans and specifications with all details called out. 

There are a multitude of decisions which go into the building process.  Therefore, the more organized your builder is, the more organized you can be in making the selections, which in turn creates an enjoyable process. A well-detailed set of blueprints and specifications will also eliminate many areas of concern.

Concept Phase

Home Delivery Phase

The home is complete, but we are not going far. We will meet with you prior to moving in for final customer walkthroughs. Together we will create a punch list, should there be anything to punch-­out, and complete those items in a timely fashion.

Together we will finalize the design and go over material selections.  Then we will move into construction drawings: site plan, floor plan, foundation plan, framing plan, electrical plan and details.  The drawings will then be sent for engineering if necessary.

A preliminary design is prepared utilizing your needs and ideas.  We come up with preliminary specifications and materials together.  Once these two items are completed we can generate a preliminary estimate.  If you come to us with a well detailed set of blueprints and specifications than this phase and the design phase can be skipped.

First step is to go over all your needs, ideas, expectations and price point for your project.  We strive to have an open relationship with our customers from the get go. We encourage them to reach out to us and communicate throughout the building process, and we will do the same.

We realize it’s the little things that make a difference, and we are here to make this a fun, and stress free process. It’s important for us to inform you of what to expect throughout the building process. After a meeting that gives you a clear understanding of the contract and specifications, we will get to work on the items needed to obtain a building permit in order to fulfill the specifications and the steps ahead. Then our Team and preferred trades and vendors can get to work and your home will begin to shine! We value your investment and build every home like it is our own. We want you to enjoy the process of building your home and we firmly believe that choosing MCC will allow you to do so! .

Creation Phase

Design Phase